Official Affiliation with Maruyama Institute of Aikido

Group at Aikido Seminar
Maruyama Seminar March 2016 Friday Group Photo

We are very excited to announce the affiliation of Aikido of Salt Lake with the Maruyama Institute of Aikido! We received formal notification from Maruyama Sensei on Jan. 16, 2017, that the Hombu International Department (Aikido World Headquarters) had given him permission to include an affiliate in the United States.  Aikido of Salt Lake is the first Maruyama Institute affiliate outside of Brazil.

The Maruyama Institute of Aikido was officially certified by Hombu in May 2015 as an Aikido organization established and recognized “according to the rules and regulations of the Aikido World Headquarters for instruction and training in the art of Aikido following the principles laid down by the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.”

So what does this mean for Aikido of Salt Lake? It means that Maruyama Sensei can lead our group, share his teachings, and award kyu rank advancements for our dojo through his organization. It also means that he can test our students for dan (black belt) ranks and submit the dan rank advancements directly to Hombu for enrollment.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Maruyama Sensei for allowing us to join his organization and follow his teachings.

Aikido practitioners kneeling with certificates
Rank Advancements, March 2016. Left to Right: Jack Hattaway (shodan), Gerry Carpenter (nidan), Maruyama Sensei, Philippe Wyffels (yondan)


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