Dojo Instructors - Philippe Wyffels Sensei and Gerry Carpenter Sensei and Stephanie Beller

Philippe Wyffels (4th Dan)

Philippe Wyffels Sensei is the chief instructor for Aikido of Salt Lake. He has trained in Aikido for more than 29 years. A native of Brussels, Belgium, Philippe Sensei began his training in Brazil under Roberto Maruyama Sensei (7th dan) of the Maruyama Institute of Aikido.

Philippe Sensei came to Utah as a shodan (1st degree black belt) in 1999. He received his nidan (2nd degree) and sandan (3rd degree) rank advancements in Salt Lake City from Masayuki Yamane Shihan (7th dan) of Sakura Aikikai  (Sakura City, Chiba-ken, Japan). In 2016, he was awarded his yondan (4th dan) from Maruyama Sensei.

Gerry Carpenter (3rd Dan)

Gerry Carpenter began training at Salt Lake Aikikai in 2009. He was awarded his shodan (1st dan) by Masayuki Yamane Shihan (7th dan) of Sakura Aikikai (Sakura City, Chiba-ken, Japan) in Japan in May 2014. He received both his nidan (in 2016) and sandan (in 2019) from Roberto Maruyama Sensei of the Maruyama Institute of Aikido in São Paulo, Brazil.

Steph Beller (1 Kyu)

Steph Beller is an assistant instructor at Aikido of Salt Lake. Originally from Switzerland, she began training with Philippe Sensei and Gerry Sensei in 2016. She is currently preparing for her 1st degree black belt test.