Training Aikido

Training Aikido Is Different Than Other Martial Arts

Stretch Aikido RollTraining Akido is different than training in many other martial arts. We do not have competitions. Instead we focus on learning to harmonize (ai) with our opponents through connection and energy (ki) for the purpose of self-development (do). We almost always practice with a training partner, which allows you to learn to feel the connection between you (nage) and your opponent (uke).

Many Aikido throws are powerful, so one of the most important skills you will learn right from the start is how to fall safely. The ground will become your friend–a stable foundation and source of energy. When you fall, you will learn to spring back up and be ready to face a new attack.

Most of your Aikido training will consist of empty-handed throws and joint-locks. You will learn to respond to strikes, grabs, and other attacks, but we do not teach aggressive attacking behavior. You will also learn to use and respond to weapons attacks including knife, handgun, sword, and short staff.

What to Expect Your First Time

Class begins with setup and 15-20 minutes of warm up with stretches and light aerobic activities. We will also include exercises specific to Aikido, such as taking falls (ukemi), breathing exercises, and knee-walking (shiko).

All students train together as partners, and you will train with many different people during a class. Beginners will be paired with senior students as well as other newer students. Part of our training is learning to harmonize with others at varying degrees of expertise.

The most important consideration when starting your training is to make sure that you are safe. If you don’t feel safe doing something at first, don’t do it. We want everyone to learn safely and at their own pace. We will never pressure you, and you know your own limits better than anyone else.

Class can be very overwhelming at first. We understand because we started at the same place! Just pay attention and try to learn what you can. It will come with time. We look forward to taking the first steps with you on the lifelong journey of Aikido! View Class Schedule